Sandra C.

Sandra C.

Birth Date: December 29
Birth Place: Orlando, FL

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I was born on December 29th in Orlando, Florida, where I have lived all my life. I graduated from Dr. Phillips High School. I attended the practical nursing program at Orlando Vo-Tech and became a licensed practical nurse in 1994. Currently, I work at a nursing home where I have been for the last 10 ½ years.When I did my clinicals in nursing school for geriatrics, I didn’t like it and did not want to work at a nursing home. Sometimes, we want one thing, but God has other things in mind for us! Once I completed the program and received my license, my job hunting began. At this same time, hospitals were starting to phase out a lot of LPN positions, so wouldn’t you know it, I ended up taking a job at a nursing home. This has been so rewarding. I worked on the Alzheimer’s unit for 5-6 years. To have the joy of helping some of the residents there is just truly amazing. Just to know that I made a difference somehow in their lives is very rewarding.

My greatest accomplishment is giving my life to Christ, for without that I would be nothing. Second, is being a mother. I have two wonderful sons, 14 and 9 years old. Although they can get on my last nerve, as children sometimes do, I wouldn’t have it any other way and can’t picture my life without having had them.

I am presently working on becoming a registered nurse. My ultimate career goal is to work in labor and delivery, which is the reason I decided to become a nurse. Being a single mom and having to work full time, it’s taking a while, but I am determined to finish.

My favorite scripture is Philippians 4:13: “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” It encourages me to make it when things seem otherwise.

I love to read. My favorite book is “A Lova Like No Otha” by Stephanie Perry Moore. God has a way of giving us just what we need, just when we need it. I was lead to this book in the bookstore one day, although I had never heard of it or the author. When I began to read it, the pages just really spoke to me. I was going through a situation and trying to walk in the way that God was calling me to walk and was having a hard time. The character in the book was dealing with the same issue. When I put that book down, (I read it in 2 days) I could do nothing but praise God!

I had wanted to join a book club for a long time when I received the invitation to join Women of Character. I love it! I thank God for giving this to Jenelle, and I thank you, Jenelle, for doing it. It is awesome to have a group of women with whom I can share my love of reading and to discuss the characters and situations that the characters go through. Not only have I made new friends, but it has helped to encourage me in life and to help my spiritual growth.

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