Feb 2019 Novel: The Outside Child

February 2019 Members’ Selection

The Outside Child written by Tiffany Warren

Discussion: TBD March, 2019

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Members’ Selection: February 2019

Book:The Outside Child

Author: Tiffany Warren

Review: Coming, TBD Apr, 2019

Other Information:

All of Chenille Abrams’ dreams came true the day she married NFL star Brayden Carpenter.  He’s the down-to-earth, loving, and protective man she never thought she’d find. And with her own successful career, Chenille plans to be more than just a famous athlete’s wife. She’s determined to balance work, marriage, and motherhood, as the couple awaits their first child . . .

Until their son is born with a crippling heart ailment. Until a devastated Brayden starts putting his career above everything else. And when tragedy strikes, Chenille struggles to find a reason to go on—as Brayden takes comfort from anywhere but home . . .

Little by little, Chenille picks up the pieces as she and Brayden try to make their marriage work once more. But when he fathers a baby that the mother can’t keep, will this be the final blow? Or can they find a way past betrayal into unexpected hope—to at last have a future worth everything?

Author Bio

Tiffany L. Warren is an author, playwright, songwriter, mother and wife. Her debut novel, What a Sista Should Do, was released in June of 2005. Her second book, Farther than I Meant to Go, Longer than I Meant to Stay,was a national bestseller. She is also the author of The Bishop’s Daughter,In The Midst of It All, Don’t Tell a Soul and The Replacement Wife.

In 2006, Tiffany and her husband, Brent, founded Warren Productions and released gospel musicals, What a Sista Should Do and The Replacement Wife. Tiffany is the visionary behind the Faith and Fiction Retreat. Tiffany resides in Maryland with her husband, Brent, and their five children.  Visit her online at www.TiffanyLWarren.com.

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