June 2009 Book: The Bishop’s Daughter

June 2009 Members’ Selection

062009 The Bishops Daughter

Discussion: August 15, 2009

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Members’ Selection: June 2009

Book: The Bishop’s Daughter

Author: Tiffany Warren

Review: August 15, 2009

The Bishops’ Daughter was a great read. I really enjoyed the story line as that related to “Church Folk”. It’s amazing that as Christians, we are supposed to live holy and lead a sanctified life on a daily basis. But as you and I know, we don’t live in a perfect world and “we die daily to our flesh”. It appears that as soon as we mess up, Church folk will be the first one to judge us instead of to encourage and support. This novel also touches on the stereotypes that Pastors may have.

I believe that this stems from the fact that some people are truly led to preach and others just go on their own accord for their own personal agenda. I am pretty sure that you may have encountered both types if you have been around the church for any length of time.

Tiffany really articulated her characters in a way that was easy for the reader to understand. I loved the way the author included what dating while trying to live holy should look like. This novel gave a realistic point of view from a man’s perspective; I think this is I personally enjoyed The Diary of the Mad Black Blogger.

I would recommend this novel to anyone who interested in being true to you. Struggling with forgiveness and stepping out on faith for what God has planned for you.

Be Encouraged!
Jenelle B.

Genesis 50:20Even though you planned evil against me, God planned good to come out of it. This was to keep many people alive, as he is doing now.

Other Information:
Darrin Bainbridge is your typical playboy in need of love, but not yet ready. He is a freelance journalist trying to break his big story. After a visit from his mother, Darrin gets an idea. He has heard all kinds of stories about “Hollywood” ministers who hold their church services on television, live in nice houses, drive nice cars, and have lots of money and women. Darrin is disgusted by it all especially when his mother Priscilla starts shouting praises for Atlanta Bishop Kumal Prentiss. Darrin decides to go to Atlanta, become a member of the bishop’s church, and expose him for the hustling fraud that he believes he is. He just never planned on falling in love with the Bishop’s daughter.

Darrin suddenly finds himself torn between his new found friend and his possible big break.

Tiffany Warren Bio
Tiffany L. Warren is a technology manager who lives in suburban Cleveland, Ohio with her husband and five children. She is also the author of the critically acclaimed novel, Farther Than I Meant to Go, Longer Than I Meant to Stay.

Actually, I find it surreal that people want to know about me. Not that I’m not an interesting person, but it’s different to be on the other side of the fence. I’m used to being the avid reader who wants to know all about her favorite author. I can’t tell you all how excited I was to meet Terry McMillan at the Miami Book Fair last year. Say what you want to about Terry, but anyone who can be pleasant and smile AND sign at least five hundred books in one setting has much character to be desired!

But I digress. About me… Well, I’m thirty-two, married and the mother of five children. The eldest is eight and the youngest is eighteen months. My husband is an Elder at our church and an awesome minister, speaker and evangelist.

I love to read! My love of reading is what turned me into a writer. My reading list is very, very eclectic. You’ll find Octavia E. Butler and Toni Morrison mixed in with Jean Auel, Stephen King, Terry McMillan and Judy Blume. Lately, I’ve discovered a lot of authors who write inspirational fiction. Victoria Christopher Murray and Angela Benson are great!

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