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April 2009 Members’ Selection

042009 The List

Discussion: June 20, 2009

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Members’ Selection: April 2009

Book: The List

Author: Sherri Lewis

Review: June 20, 2009

The List, written Sheri L. Lewis was hilarious, down to earth, thought provoking and most of all; it portrays love through God given relationships. This novel takes a look at on-line dating; the realities of finding all the qualities in a mate and the downfalls of allowing our emotions take control instead of listening to Godly counsel.

Other Information:
Single and satisfied? Not Michelle, Angela and Lisa. These saved but sexy, successful black women think they’re getting too old to keep waiting on God to send their soulmates. Under the protective eye of their more spiritual sister-girlfriend, Vanessa, and the scrutiny of newly saved man-hater, Nicole, the ladies go on a hilarious adventure to “be found” by their husbands.

Armed with their list of essential must-have’s, would-be-nice’s, icing-on-the-cake’s, and total-deal-breakers, they start their search – but soon encounter issues specific to the saved woman on the dating scene. Is online dating okay for Christians? How long do you wait before you tell the hottie you just met that you’re celibate and plan to stay so until married? He’s too fine to pass up – how saved does he really need to be? And of course, how do you keep things holy when he’s oh-so-sexy?

It’s not long before they realize they still have to trust God to know what’s best for them and that He loves them enough to send them everything on The List.

Sherri Lewis Bio
Sherri Lewis authored her first book at the age of six. Her family considered her pencil and crayon on brightly colored construction paper creation a masterpiece. She continued to enjoy writing short stories and poems throughout her young adult life.

Her writing was put on hold while she attended Howard University as an undergraduate, then medical school at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine. The writing bug bit again a few years ago and pencil, crayon, and construction paper were replaced by laptop and printer.

After working almost fifteen years in the medical field, Sherri recently left her last position as a staff physician at a Georgia Department of Corrections’ Women’s prison to pursue writing and ministry full time.

Sherri’s life passion is to express the reality of the Kingdom of God through the arts including music, dance, film and television, and literature; and through sound biblical teaching. Her ministry thrusts include the message of the Kingdom, intimacy with God, intercessory prayer, understanding prophetic ministry, ministering emotional healing, and birthing individuals into their destiny.

Sherri is co-founder of the Faith-Based Black Fiction Writers of Atlanta with Essence Best-Selling author Tia McCollors. She lives in Atlanta, Georgia.

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