October 2007 Book: Watercolored Pearls

October 2007 Members’ Selection

102007 Watercolored PearlsDiscussion: December 15, 2007

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Members’ Selection: October 2007

Book: Watercolored Pearls

Author: Stacy Hawkins Adams

Review: December 15, 2007

Watercolored Pearls, written by Stacy Hawkins Adams is a story about true friendship, forgiving yourself and how life’s storms make us the “Pearls” that we are.

That is why every pearl is unique.

This novel is also for anyone that is struggling with choices that have been made in the past that have a way of resurfacing.

If this is your case, please know that no matter what decisions that have been made, the Lord can restore any situation.

Other Information:
Stacy is a nationally acclaimed author, speaker and freelance journalist whose novels help readers laugh, heal and seek to lead more meaningful lives.

Serena, a career woman turned stay-at-home mom, wonders if she has made the right choice. Erika struggles to let go of her abusive past. Tawana, a new lawyer, is trying to pull her life together, but her ambitions keep getting in the way. Three women, each at different places in their lives, find themselves at the same crossroads — looking to God and to each other for answers on how to find beauty in themselves and in their journey.

Watercolored Pearls is a page-turning story of how God can use the tragic, the shameful, and the less-than-perfect circumstances of life to create something beautiful.

Author Bio
Stacy Hawkins Adams is the award-winning author of eight inspirational contemporary women’s fiction novels, one nonfiction spiritual devotional book and a vast body of journalistic work. She is also a freelance columnist and motivational speaker who enjoys enlightening and encouraging others through all forms of the written and spoken word.

She and her family live in a suburb of Richmond, Virginia. Stacy welcomes readers to contact her through her website, www.StacyHawkinsAdams.com.

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