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022007 In Greene Pastures

Discussion: May 19, 2007

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Members’ Selection: February 2007

Book: In Greene Pastures

Author: Kendra Norman-Bellamy


This novel has everything you need for a “Lifetime” movie.  Suspense, drama, love, redemption, and forgiveness are just some of the ingredients involved in making this novel a page-turner.

No wonder this novel is voted # 2 on Essence’s bestseller list.  If you haven’t picked up your copy, please order your copy ASAP!

Other Information: Rising from a life of poverty, Hunter Greene is the owner of the Atlanta Weekly Chronicles, the most successful weekly newspaper in the state of Georgia.  As a single parent, he takes pride in his son and devotes his time to being the best father he can be.  And as the owner of Greene Pastures, he breeds champion horses that sell at top dollar.

When the story breaks that one of Atlanta’s most prominent and respected pastors is killed in a fiery automobile accident, Hunter stands to lose everything when the deceased pastor’s distraught daughter, Jade Tides, convinces him that it wasn’t an accident, but murder. Hunter uses the power of the written word, his very own newspaper, to try to solve the mystery, but the entire community threatens to take away their support if he doesn’t discontinue the feature, accusing Hunter of using the pastor’s untimely death as a ploy for greater financial gain and accuse him of making a mockery of God and the memory of Rev. B.T. Tides.

In the midst of it all, Hunter falls hard for Jade Tides.  She’s everything he desires in a woman. But is she and the so-called mystery surrounding her father’s death worth losing everything, or has the legend of Shelton Heights caught up with yet another unsuspecting family?

In Greene Pastures is Book #1 of the romantic/suspense trilogy dubbed, “The Shelton Heights Series.”

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