December 2007 Book: The Pastor’s Woman

December 2007 Members’ Selection

122007 The Pastor's Woman

Discussion: February 16, 2008

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Members’ Selection: December 2007

Book: The Pastor’s Woman

Author: Jacquelin Thomas

Review: February 16, 2008

This novel will bless anyone who is dealing with guilt and/or struggling with forgiving yourself from past sins. I believe that the person who reads this piece will definitely find the strength to reach out to a family member(s) that you may have disconnected with due to past hurts.

There is also a love story in the mist as well.

I know that you will be blessed, just as I was.

Other Information:
New preacher Wade Kendrick might as well have taken out an ad for a wife—all the church mamas paraded their daughters in front of him every Sunday. But after a tainted past, Wade wanted a reserved, traditional woman. Everything his star gospel singer was not. But he only had eyes for her—Pearl Lockhart, aka Ms. Wrong.

Pearl had her eye on gospel stardom. She didn’t fit into the preacher man’s world any more than he fit into hers. But he was one fine black man—and their sexual chemistry downright sizzled.

What was a sister to do?

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