August 2007 Book: Chasing Faith

Members’ Selection: August 2007

Book: Chasing Faith

Author: Stephanie Perry Moore

Review: October 20, 2007

Chasing Faith written by Stephanie Perry More is a story about finding yourself spiritually before looking to others to fill that void. I am a living testimony that when you trust the Lord 100%, you will have a peace that no one can take away from you.

There is romance, suspense and betrayal, just to name a few that flows throughout this book. I would recommend this book for anyone who feels like they have made too many mistakes or feel as though the mistakes that were made are too horrific for the Lord to forgive. Or, if you are the person who feels like the whole world is attacking you from every angle, this book is for you.

These are only a few reasons to read this book. I am quite sure that when you read this story, there will be a message that you can relate to as well.

Be Encouraged!

Other Information:
The author of Essence® bestseller A Lova’ Like No Otha’ returns with a thrilling story of faith, intrigue, and self-discovery.

Secret Service Agent Christian Ware’s no-strings-attached affair with her boss is no longer working for her. And being tied to a desk after an on-the-job shooting isn’t sitting well with her either. A working class kid from inner city Washington D.C., Christian didn’t grow up with much. But as an adult, Christian left her drug-plagued neighborhood behind, and went after all the accouterments of a good life. Still, living a life most envy, she’s not happy. It’s finally a pregnancy scare that forces Christian to look beyond the material to the spiritual and make some changes in her life, starting with a new assignment–protecting Steven Stokes, a well-known and influential Black minister who’s a Democratic presidential candidate.

After deciding to end her self-destructive behavior, Christian lands in Atlanta, where the Stokes’s campaign is based, feeling like a new woman. She’s decided to put recent mistakes behind her and most importantly, establish a relationship with God. When the Stokes’s family becomes more than just an assignment, Christian begins falling for the Reverend’s sexy son, forcing her to make choices she didn’t expect. Christian’s never felt so much in need of prayer yet wonders if after so many years of doing the wrong thing, her turnabout may be too late.

A superb storyteller, Stephanie Perry Moore delivers another riveting adventure.

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