December 2006 Book: The Midnight Clear

December 2006 Members’ Selection

122006 The Midnight Clear

Discussion: February 17, 2007

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Members’ Selection: December 2006

Book: The Midnight Clear

Authors: Kendra Norman-Bellamy, Patricia Haley, Tia McCollors, and Stacy Hawkins Adams


“The Midnight Clear” is a collaboration of established and upcoming authors.  I pray you have been enlightened by the stories of hope, inspiration, love and testimony.

Remember, testimony is one way of encouraging others. When opportunity reveals itself, will you share yours?

Other Information:
Of all of the Christian holidays, Christmas is the one most celebrated.  With twinkling lights, department store sales, decorated trees, gift exchanging and plump bearded men promising children their hearts’ desires, it’s no wonder that the holiness of this time is often lost in the hoopla.

In The Midnight Clear, nearly two dozen authors, come together to remind the world of the true meaning of the season.  These wonderful assortment of stories will make you laugh, cry and celebrate with their characters, as they embark on journeys of finding gifts of healing, hope and happiness at Chrismastime.

This book makes for good reading whether it is during the holiday season or in the middle of July.  It highlights the talents of nationally acclaimed novelists: Kendra Norman-Bellamy, Patricia Haley, Tia McCollors and Stacy Hawkins Adams, but also further introduces readers to seventeen new and rising authors to watch out for as they embark on a mission to make an impact on the growing genres of Christian fiction and nonfiction.

Author Bios
The twenty-one authors that make up this enthralling anthology come from different walks of life and are in different stages of their writing careers. Some are national bestselling authors whose gifts have withstood the test of times, while others are up and coming novelists with bright futures ahead of them. But each gifted storyteller is bonded by a common thread: the love for writing coupled with a love for God.

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