December 2005 Book: Flippin’ the Script

Members’ Selection: December 2005

Book: Flippin’ the Script

Author: Aisha Ford


This novel is about standing firm in your beliefs even when you are being criticized. The Lord will always come through in the end.

Other Information:
It’s not easy for a 20-something woman to climb the ladder in the fast-paced world of television, but Sabrina Bradley is determined. When she’s asked to produce a segment on whether people keep their New Year’s resolutions, she jumps at the chance.

There’s only one hitch.

To win her promotion, she has to keep all her resolutions—one of which is not falling in love!

Author Bio
I’ve always been fascinated by the reach of a compelling story, so I try to imagine fiction I’d want to read.

It’s exciting to encourage other people to write their own tales of adventure, comedy, romance, mystery, fantasy, and more–there’s just no such thing as too many storytellers.

The first step is to explore your own imagination, find a starting point, and don’t get boxed in with self imposed limitations.

You can always edit, but you can’t edit a blank sheet of paper!

What’s your story?

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